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Signed, Sealed, Delivered! From The Herd to The AFL

Middletown, NJ - What a day it is for Garden State Herd Captain Haroldo Nolasco, who just inked a contract with the Arena Football League (AFL) Minnesota Myth.

Nolasco has been the anchor for The Herd since day 1, being a key piece for this offense's production and the man in the trenches. Today Nolasco signed to take his talents to Minnesota.

The AFL is set to relaunch in 2024 with 16 markets, the most it's ever had since its inception in 1987.

The AFL did have an amazing run from 1987 to 2008 before canceling its 2009 season due to internal issues. The league did rebrand in 2010 and hold steady until 2019 before filing for bankruptcy.

Coach Meacham had this to say about Nolasco. "I know he is super excited for this opportunity man, this is exactly that type of s*** he works his ass off for. Nothing given everything earned and that man earned this opportunity."

Nolasco once again is given the opportunity to be apart of a great new franchise just as he was with The Herd, and if history repeats itself the Minnesota Myth has a star on their hands.

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