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Premier Metropolitan Football League Stays grounded.

New York - Some sad news coming out of the metropolitan area, with the announcement that the Premier Metropolitan Football League (PMFL) will not have an inaugural season in 2024.

The PMFL, who hoped to bring some new flavor to area with fresh new league ideas have announced that they will not be launching this year due to a lack of teams committment to give this new league a try.

The PMFL will take its 3 committed teams and join forces with "The Den," who is entering its 2nd season in existence.

"Evening people, just want to announce and shed a little light on our huge move. The PMFL AND ITS COMMITTED TEAMS HAS joined forces with THE DEN. In our endeavors to create much need change to this landscape, apart of that is to not just put any product out that hurt this game we love more that further it we could absolutely do a 4 or 5 team league. But thats the last thing this sport needs is another 5 team league playing each other 1000 times and having multiple bye weeks we live all the support we have gotten from the teams committed to us and and all the support from staff our go IDC and still will be to advance this sport we love in a positive way." a PMFL representative posted on Facebook.

The Den now has 13 teams with the additions of the New York Ducks, Staten Island Hurricanes & New York Green Wave & looking for 1 more to round out the competition.

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