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Murphy’s Law

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

LB #8 Darrien Murphy having a laugh while the offense is on the field.

Monmouth County, NJ - How Ironic is it that Murphy's law actually applies to Herd linebacker Darrien Murphy. Murphy, who has been played through a shoulder injury all of last season, received news that no one wanted to hear. Doctors have confirm that he (Murphy) has a torn rotator cuff and will be out the entire 2024 season for the Garden State Herd.

The loss of Murphy, who was expected to continue to play at a high level really is a huge blow to the Herds defense, which is already short staffed in the Linebacker department. last year linebackers Devin Terry, Miguel Rivera & Vladimir Vincent will not be returning to the defensive locker room, which left Murphy as the only LB returning for the 2024 season.

LB’s Devin Terry (22) & Darrian Murphy (8) calling the plays for the defense in the huddle.

"The loss of Murphy will be a blow to our defense, the energy that kid bring on the field is electric," said head coach Wayne Dabney. "But I expect some of our other guys to pick up that energy where Murph left off," Dabney added.

The Garden State Herd is happy to have the return of Luis Oquendo, stand out linebacker from the programs 1st year in existence, as well as Julian Collins making the move from defensive end to linebacker.

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