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Locksmith or Lockdown?

Defensive Back DiQuill Neal

When you need a lock changed you call a locksmith, but when you need a teams #1 reveiving target locked down; you call Garden State Herd defensive back DiQuill Neal.

DiQuill Neal a.k.a QuillyLock is entering his 2nd year with this Herd program and has quickly become one of the leaders and outspoken voices of this team.

Neal, a former defensive back out of the University of New Haven by way of Hoboken high school set the world on fire last season with his on field play & personality. This year he is far and away looking to be the face of the defense filing the shoes of Daryl Kennedy Jr.

DiQuill Neal a.k.a QuillyLock

I had an opportunity to catch up with the rising star and pick his brain about The Herd and this upcoming season & here's what he had to say.

JR - "Why did you choose to play minor league football & with The Garden State Herd?"

Neal - "I decided to play minor league football with The garden state herd because of two things. One I knew a lot of the current players on the team and two, the love & the “want” from the coaching staff. When I say want I mean they wanted me to come play, they wanted me to come make a impact, they made me feel wanted & I feel like that’s all us players ever really want is to feel wanted & valued by our coaching staff.

JR - "What’s your ultimate goal in playing with the Herd?"

Neal - "My ultimate goal in playing with the Herd is to get noticed by XFL, USFL , NFL even CFL , & make a name for my self & the program for the up & coming players coming after me."

JR - Being that you’re a former D1 college athlete, compare your experience at the University of New Haven with what’s it’s like with The Herd.

Neal - "Coming from a top college program my experience here with the Herd is more then what I expected! From the practices to the game competition being high & the team energy even higher; everyday is a college/pro like atmosphere. Guys pushing each other to get better on both sides of the ball just like when I was playing in college everyday it’s someone on your heels no room to slip up & I love it. I get real college vibes from playing with the Herd."

JR - "What can the world Expect from you in year 2 of your career."

Neal - "In the next year or so the world can expect to see me playing somewhere on a higher stage making a bigger name for my self & the garden state herd in my corner the whole way."

JR - "Other than yourself, name one person you expect to have a huge impact on the success of The Herd this season."

Neal - "Other then my self, I can see MICHAEL EFFINGER having a huge impact on the team success this season. I played with Mike In high school & he always been a hard worker & top athlete in my book. In practice he is looking faster , smoother, stronger & more confident then last season. Plus he lines up against me every day & we go AT IT respectfully lol big things for that kid this season I can see it now."

We are all expecting DiQuill Neal to have a breakout season in year 2. His name is already ringing bells throught the minor league football circuit, let's hope he can live up to it and not suffer from a "sophomore slump."

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