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A page out the book.

A move has been made that we felt the need to let you all know.  Your Garden State Herd has added more fire power for Quarterback Stephen Panasuk (@dimedropperuniversity ) on the offensive side of the football.

2024 Den Allstar, New Jersey First Team All State, and former Utah State Aggies wide receiver Ronald Butler (@ron_b18 ) has joined the Herd.

Butler has been on the top of his game ever since he has joined the Minor League circuit.  His speed,  agility, and acceleration has made him a nightmare for defenders.

“His ability to see the open field and read his blockers while in transition and make adjustments is God given.  The best quality about him is that he’s a team first guy, he comes to work and competes.  He’s a bit behind so Lint (WR Coach Darrell Linton @coachlint908 ) has to get him up to speed so he can come in and be a factor for us.” Said Head Coach Wayne Dabney Jr. (@coachwayne1212 )

This is a positive step in the right direction.  The team is getting stronger, the experience level is changing and we hope that change stays on the high side on the bar chart.

Butler joins an amazing cast of players, we look forward to bringing you up to date news about Ronald Butlers journey here in Herd Country.

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